Take a Stand – Show Others How to Treat You.

Do you feel that you work in a healthy, collaborative, respectful environment where everyone works together towards the goals and objectives of the organization?  This is the type of environment organizations should possess.  If the environment you work in is anything other than this, please take a stand.  Hostile, contentious, and unwelcoming environments are not conducive for productivity or maintaining your sanity.

It may not be easy to take a stand when things are unjust for fear of losing your job.  However, if you don’t speak up, then those who perpetuate the negativity, will think it is okay and the destructive cycle will continue.  This will make you miserable.  Please don’t allow your voice to not be heard when you have every right to speak up against the contention and hold people accountable for their actions.  Therefore, rightfully take a stand with tact and strategy.

It is far better to stand up for yourself in a professional manner than to allow the disrespectful behaviors cause you to angrily snap or even succumb to timidity or fear. It’s not healthy to work in an environment where you are angry, bitter and timid about your place of employment.  Try the following approach to stand up for yourself and rise above the office politics.

  1. Treat others the way you want to be treated. In other words, show people how to treat you.
    • Demonstrate respect and honesty to others.
    • Do great work and it will speak for itself.
    • Take the high road – When negativity confronts you, offset it with a positive, assertive response.
  2. Understand your team members and even the tormentors. Be empathetic. Try to understand the motivation behind negative actions which will give you a better position to address what is bothering you.
  3. Be clear, confident and assertive. In other words, know who you are and be straight forward using sincerity.  Stay firm, pleasant and make good eye contact.

In conclusion, don’t allow others to subject you to an environment that is unhealthy for you or others. Take a stand for who you are and what is right.  If this doesn’t work for you, determine when it is time to leave the toxic environment.

PM Council