Manage Projects Better With The Agile Methodology

Agile Project Management

Course Overview
Learn how to manage an agile project from inception to closeout. The agile methodology has become increasingly adopted by organizations to manage a wide spectrum of projects, project managers, and team members at all levels. Practitioners must learn how to effectively apply this methodology to maximize results.
This course provides a thorough understanding of the agile process and best practices throughout a project’s life cycle. You will learn about agile concepts such as the minimum viable product (MVP), creating, estimating, and prioritizing user stories, determining the team velocity, applying risk management, applying effective techniques to identify key stakeholders and their success criteria, planning iterations, grooming backlogs, and coordinating releases and best practices for leading agile teams.

PM Council

Course Objectives

  • Provide an Understanding of Agile and the Manifesto

  • Stakeholders Identification

  • Determine Success Criteria

  • Identify Users

  • Develop an Agile Team

  • Estimate, Review, and Prioritize User Stories

  • Risk Management

  • Create an Iteration and Release Plan

  • Conclude an Iteration

  • Groom the Backlog

  • Manage Impediments

  • Interface With Teams That Use Other Development Methodologies

  • Coordinate a Release

  • Close Out a Project