IT Project Management

Gain the Skills to Manage IT Projects Effectively

Learn essential project management skills to help you manage scope, time, costs, quality, and risks. Determine project scope through effective identification of requirements, manage stakeholder expectations, identify and manage risks, and meet quality standards while navigating change requests. Examine important aspects of IT projects, including communication needs of virtual teams, security, and testing.

PM Council


  • Learn core IT project management competencies.

  • Determine project goals and assumptions.

  • Learn how to capture project requirements.

  • Identify stakeholders and learn how to manage expectations.

  • Understand stakeholder needs and communication requirements.

  • Develop project scope as part of the charter.

  • Create the WBS and dictionary that would deliver the scope in the project charter.

  • Perform risk identification and assessment.

  • Sequence activities, create a schedule and estimate the costs of the project.

  • Allocate and manage resources effectively.

  • Manage changes in the projects.

  • Manage go-live plans.

  • Identify and track issues during the warranty period.

  • Track value delivery in projects.

  • Understand the basics of a project retrospective.