The Impact of Artificial Intelligence

Our society is currently witnessing an evolution of technology.  With the influences of Artificial Intelligence (AI), we will begin to see disruptive improvements that will provide some of the best conveniences we can imagine. We are already experiencing the impacts of AI in many facets of our lives.  Let’s take a look….

First, for those who are not clear of what AI is, I’m going to give you some relatable examples.  Siri and Alexa are driven by AI.  Therefore, to have Siri and Alexa respond to your commands is built on the backbone of AI.

The safest and coolest cars by Tesla have blazed the trail for automakers with the use of AI. Tesla has given us autopilot functionality and remote software updates to ensure the latest features are part of the autonomous driving experience.  Wow!!!

A not so likable experience with AI is the millions of ads that pop up in your emails, Facebook news feed, Instagram and just about any social media app.  We are inundated with ads based on the use of AI to determine what we like.  Interesting, right? Hey this is appreciated at times like when you receive a coupon for those latest shoes you have been saving to eventually purchase.  However, ads all the time, can clutter your screen and become a little irritating. 

I have given you a few examples of AI based products.  In the future, we are going to see AI rock our world with automated advancement in more products and significant improvements with the AI functionalities that exist today.

Now that we know some results of AI is, let me share with you exactly what AI is. AI simulates human intelligence by means of machines.  The machines will learn from experience created by humans to perform human tasks and make adjustments when needed.  Reliable frequent, high-volume computerized tasks are performed by learning algorithms, conducting analysis, and achieving accuracy based on data.  AI applications is utilized in various industries such as healthcare, manufacturing, sports, finance, retail, and of course transportation.  And many more industries are and will continue to be influenced by AI.

Hopefully, this blog has provided you insight on how AI is shaping our environment.  We are influenced by it and it is a practical technology that can advance our future in many ways.  Therefore, stay up to speed on this computer science that is here to stay and be a part of the innovation and enjoy the benefits.  

However, be wary of the potential harm AI could cause.  (another blog…stay tuned).

PM Council