PMP® Exam Sample Quiz

PMP®Exam Sample Questions

Try these sample PMP® questions to get an idea of what's on the PMP® exam.

To acquire and manage the project team, which of the following plan or documents should be referenced?

Jennifer has been assigned to a project recently and she is in the process of documenting the project charter with the project sponsor. Which of the following must she include in the Project Charter?

As the project manager, the project sponsor has asked you to come up with the total funding requirements of the project. What will be the total funding requirements for your project?

Your project team is involved in estimating the cost of the project as a part of project cost management. Which of the following tools and techniques will NOT be applicable for this purpose?

You have been assigned as a Project Manager of a newly initiated project and have 5 team members. There is a project sponsor (Mr. Jones) and a technical architect who will be involved only during the planning stage. The project is for an external customer. How many communication channels are possible in your project?

Which of the following activities is part of the initiating phase?

An accepted deadline for a project approaches. However, the project manager realizes only 75% percent of the work has been completed. The project manager then issues a change request. What should the change request authorize?

What is RACI?

During a bidder conference, you see that one bidder is your close friend. What should your next step be?

When estimating time for activities, a Project Manager should?

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