How to Stand Out from the Rest – Be Outstanding!

  1. Possess a positive attitude. – Be grateful for what you have and carry your attitude as such. When we are grateful, negativity takes a backseat and positivity overrides. Remember things can always be different.  Therefore, be appreciative of what you have and make the best of it.  This starts with attitude.  Attitude is everything…so make it a positive one.  Stand out from the rest!
  2. Fulfill your responsibilities – Make sure you understand your responsibilities and what is expected of you and work to fulfill them. We all have responsibilities on the job, at home, throughout life and they are sometimes difficult to juggle.  However, knowing what your responsibilities are and achieving them makes you remarkable in itself.  It is important to know what you are supposed to do an do it.  Doing this builds character and makes you proud of yourself.  It is important to fulfill your responsibilities, as well as it is necessary to prioritize them in order to manage them appropriately.  You can do this by delegating specific time spans to each responsibility, knowing when to delegate tasks to others as well as establishing a deadline to complete. Stand out from the rest! 
  3. Be Consistent – Now that you know what you need to do, whether new responsibilities, goals, ongoing responsibilities, good habits and even carrying a positive attitude, be consistent with this behavior. Develop a consistency of getting things done on an ongoing regular basis.  Develop a consistency of having a positive attitude no matter what.  Consistency is key…you will see results if you remain consistent. Stand out from the rest!
  4. Show Respect – Respect others and yourself. Whether it is co-workers, clients, family, strangers, showing respect plants a seed of love.  It is the foundation of how to treat others.  Respect considers the other person’s feelings and their space and is often reciprocated when you show respect to others.  Respect also helps to build a positive environment. Stand out from the rest!
  5. Help Others – Be on the alert for those in need and be willing to help. You may not know how to resolve the issue/concern/need, but you may be able to point the person in the right direction.  Also, any assistance you can provide, would be appreciated and it makes you feel good that you can help.  So be ready to offer your assistance.  A helpful hint is…if you see something that needs to be done, just do it. Stand out from the rest!
  6. Continue to learn and grow – In your free time, enhance your skills, read a book, listen to a podcast, take that training course and don’t be afraid to get better.  Evaluate your performance, learn from your mistakes and look for opportunities to improve.  Use your time wisely and continue to learn and grow to enable you to develop personally and professionally. Stand out from the rest! 
  7. Be a Risk Taker – Big goals and dreams are rarely achieved by those who are afraid to step out of the box. Don’t be afraid to take a chance on yourself.  Most regrets come from not trying…. because you will never know the outcome.  Instead, believe in yourself and go for it…You will either achieve and succeed because you took the risk or you will learn from it and succeed later from learning the lesson it taught you.  Either way it is a win-win.  So Go For It!!!  Stand out from the rest!
  8. Be Proactive – Don’t fall into the group of procrastinators, because there are many out there. If you want to stand out, get things done as soon as you can.  This eliminates the need for stressful situations of trying to rush to meet a deadline.  It also enables you to perform quality work because you will have ample time to get things done.   Being proactive can put you in a situation to identity a possible problem or identify a concern early so that you can prevent a problem.  When you are proactive, you can also identify a problem to resolve before it snowballs into a bigger problem.  Being proactive can lessen the cost of being reactive.  Stand out from the rest! 
  9. Focus – Focus on your goals and your grind which is a huge proponent of success. Shut down the distractions, minimize the noise, remove the notion of caring about what people think and focus on your plans.  Being focused is key to getting things done. Stand out from the rest!
  10. Be Persistent – In due time, you will reap what you sow if you don’t give up. Often times, it’s easy to put something off because you are not seeing the progress, but it only delays the end result. Make continuous strides to completing your goals, and you will produce a positive outcome.  It may not happen when you would like for it to happen, but if you keep pushing, you will definitely reap the benefits! Stand out from the rest! 

Be Outstanding!

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