Digital Transformation and Project Management

Digital Transformation is not just a buzzword,… it’s a whole lot more…

Digital Transformation is the integration of technology, people and processes and it uses data to solve problems, drive business growth and operational efficiency. With the increasing evolution and modernization of technology, organizations can deliver effective and efficient value to their customers. Digital Transformation enables a shift in business performance because of increased customers’ expectations, more cross functional collaboration, and the application of refined best practices utilizing agile methodologies.

Organizations can be more proactive in understanding their needs and it allows them to deliver in a manner that exceeds expectations. More products are also being transformed into services. All this because of digital transformation. How does Project Management fit into this? Well project management is needed now more than ever to leverage the skills to lead project teams that transform organizations’ s business processes into the digital world, to produce better products, to become nimbler to market and increase customer satisfaction.

In this digital era, project managers should embrace the digitization and will need to rethink the traditional waterfall methodology and grab hold to agile methodologies swiftly. Many companies have adapted agile approaches already. The digital pm should also pull out their quality skillset and know that quality control and continuous improvements methodologies such as (DMAIC – Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control) are much needed to enhance business processes as well. Practical tools for data analytics and dashboards such as Excel, Tableau, and Power BI are a force to be reckon with too as big data technology is the mainstream…. thus understanding big data is very important.

Project Managers do not sit back and wait to step into an organization’s digital transformation but begin your own digital transformation now. Build on your strengths with a skillset that will help shape the digital future. Embrace the digital models and tools to enhance your ability to be impactful and drive change.

Network of connected mobile devices such as smart phone, tablet, thermostat or smart home. Internet of things and mobile computing concept.