Why Big Data Analytics?

Let’s face it, data is here.  Data is everywhere and data is here to stay.  Data is generated through many users, businesses and industries.  Due to the abundance of data that is generated every second of every day, every day of every week, etc, analytics is essential.  It is important,…well actually analytics is critical to the success of companies to analyze data and make informed decisions.  These informed decisions can lead to better business decision making, improved operations, new products/services, cost reductions, happier customers and increased revenue.

Businesses need data analytics to achieve better outcomes and success.  With the rapid rate data is generated, combined with the enormous amounts, data has coined the term Big Data and thus the need for high speed analytics.  Although analytics has been around for decades using manual analysis, today we have elaborate tools available to analyze high speed data.  Big Data technologies such as Hadoop and various cloud-based analytics, enable immediate analysis which saves time and increases efficiencies.

Data is inundating the world, thus data analytics is shaping the world.  It plays an essential role in business, sports, politics, retail and even social media.  Because of the informed decisions data analytics can create, cures for diseases are possible, artificial intelligence can progress, consumer behavior can be understood and so much more.  We are in the new age of data.  It has astronomical potential and will keep getting better.